A Minute With
Tayo Kuku

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Tayo Kuku and I am a Nigerian-born, American-raised photographer and artist. I started with photography while attending school at Drexel University, studying to be a civil engineer

Can you speak about your style and process?

If I could describe my style in a few words, I would say eclectic, warm, and sophisticated. When I am conceptualizing creative concepts, I like to rely on my culture. I draw from my Nigerian culture and my experiences as a first-generation Nigerian-American. I believe these influences help shape the narratives and influence the stories that I tell through the images I create.

Tell us about how you approach each project as a collaboration.

I always try to build genuine relationships and thoughtfully communicate my ideas and thoughts. Clear communication ensures everyone has a clear idea of what we are trying to create together. In a collaborative setting, I love to work with people that I’ve never met before from different walks of life, with different experiences and backgrounds. 

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