Our Brands

By placing our world-class talent at the very center of the creative process, we are able to realize breakthrough possibilities for our clients. We work nimbly and collaboratively across disciplines to develop solutions for future-minded and values-driven partners. From strategy to execution, our impact spans the entire ecosystem of brand identity, communication, experience, innovation, and content.


Defined by curiosity and ingenuity, B&A represents the most innovative and cutting-edge talent in the industry. With visual artists working across a variety of disciplines - including illustration, CGI and animation - we partner with clients to develop effective commercial solutions.


BOWIE represents multi-dimentional artists and creatives who have a direct line of communication with audiences through their social channels where they engage their communities through their editorial and brand work. 



Representing the most influential and on-the-pulse photographers, filmmakers and visual artists, our artists imbue imagery with editorial fashion edge and relevance. CLM stands at the center of the cultural conversation.


Gallery Stock

Find elevated ways to tell your story with a curated collection of images, illustrations, and motion, exclusively available for licensing on Gallery Stock. Our artists are established and emerging visual artists and content creators with their fingers on the pulse of the cultural narrative.


Granted simplifies the nuanced, complicated process of creative content research, rights management, and clearance for licensing. Partner with experts on custom projects, search and clear content anywhere on the Internet, manage Brand Heritage archives, and more with our consultative curatorial service.

Innovation & Web3 Strategy

GB3 generates new ways of reaching audiences across decentralized communities. Our work focuses on augmented reality, NFTs, and blockchain innovation for talent and brand clients. WAGMI! For any inquiries, please contact: innovation@greatbowery.com.

Incubation & Investment

GBI identifies, incubates and launches breakthrough beauty and fashion brands in partnership with leading creative visionaries and founders around the globe. With its unique focus on talent-driven brand-building, Open Space provides an opportunity for artists within Great Bowery and beyond to turn their vision into the brands of the future.


M.A.P views fashion and luxury through the lens of fine art. Representing visionary photographers with imaginative and unique styles, we service clients who prioritize artistry and seek an independent point of view.


With authority and expertise in beauty and styling, Streeters is globally recognized for the culture-shaping and trend-setting work of our artists. We are continually redefining the face of fashion.

Trunk Archive

Trunk Archive represents the world’s most sought-after artists and archives for exclusive licensing. Our constantly growing archive encompasses millions of moments from the legendary lenses that captured our past and the next-gen visionaries pushing culture forward.

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