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Graffiti artist INSA’s INSALAND Members Jacket NFT release straddles both the digital and physical realms. Each purchase provides a physical jacket and a matching digital NFT. Further, it offers an opportunity to join the INSALAND members community. Each physical reversible varsity jacket is designed in London, in collaboration with Lola Okuyiga from Wonder. They have embroidered leather sleeves featuring INSA’s iconic GRAFFITI FETISH artwork. Further, each jacket is individually numbered (one out of one hundred and fifty). Collectors will also receive a digital jacket NFT, as part of the genesis digital fashion release, with the promise of future use in the meta-verse and AR functionality. The members
jacket offers the opportunity to join INSALAND and explore the Meta-verse. Holders will have access to community drops, events, digital/physical gifts, and the opportunity to take part in future explorations of INSALAND in Web3. The project represents an evolution from his work in web2. For over a decade, INSA was known for creating “GIF-ITI,” GIF animations of graffiti work, in addition to large scale works filmed from space. Although this project is a foray into a new space, it also represents a step in INSA’s storied journey with AR (Augmented Reality Murals especially), and other boundary pushing projects for clients such as Ballantines, and Netflix. 

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