B&A | Burger King

Last year, design duo Cachetejack received an exceptional opportunity: to help visually overhaul Burger King for the first time in more than twenty years. They delivered a series of custom illustrations that served as key building blocks for the brand’s new global identity. Their work went beyond that of an advertising campaign, instead featuring across the entire Burger King visual experience. Their illustrations are on social media and billboards, in addition to merchandise, food packaging, tray toppers and even the error message on the Burger King website. 

Cachetejack’s work is as thoughtful as it is imaginative. They used colors inspired by Burger King’s ingredients (think: beef, lettuce, and fries) in order to create humorous carton scenes. From twirling onion rings on your fingers to pickle slice binoculars, the illustrations conjure a retro vibe and remind us of more playful meals from our childhoods past.

It is safe to say that Cachetejack’s new visual styling for Burger King isn’t just fresh. It has us craving a burger, fries and a bit more fun in our life. You too? 

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