Platon is a photographer, director, public speaker, and founder of nonprofit foundation, The People’s Portfolio. After launching his photography career at British Vogue, Platon relocated to New York to work for the late John F. Kennedy Jr.’s political magazine, George. Platon has since shot portraits for such publications as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, and T Magazine. In his ongoing relationship with TIME, he produced over 20 magazine covers, one of which, a portrait of Vladimir Putin for their 2007 Person of the Year issue, was awarded first prize at the World Press Photo Contest. Since 2008, Platon also began a multi-year collaboration with The New Yorker, producing a series of large-scale photo essays and winning two ASME Awards. In 2011 his collaboration with the Human Rights Watch was honored with a Peabody Award. Platon’s work has been published in monographs by Phaidon and Chronicle and exhibited around the world.

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A Brief Encounter With Joseph Pfeifer

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